Los LLanos

Los Llanos describes the lowlands of the river Orinoco, located in the south end of the venezuelan Andeans. This area is known for its amazing animal world. It is one of the best places in Venezuela, to observe the impressive and exotic wildlife as well as a huge population of different kinds of unique birds. With this tour, you are going to experience this unique and impress wildlife as close as possible. With our Safari in a classic truck, you are going to travel through this extraordinary spot of land.
Los Llanos and Andes  (3 Days / 2 Nights) "Hato el Frio"

Tourstart: Mérida

Tour Overview:

1st Day:
The tour stats in the morning in Mérida. Beginning there, you will drive through several colonial Andean villages until you reach the Llanos. While heading there, you are visiting several points of interest, such as the natural stone chapel of Juan Felix Sánchez or the rearing station for Condors, a bird, known for its immense wing spread. Afterwards you are going to cross the Eagle Pass, which is about 4200 meters. In this scurrile landscape grows the for the Páramo vegetation typical Frailejon, which can grow up to three meters. Later on the trip, you are going to reach the glacier laguna “Mucubají”, before you finally reach the Laguna Negra, the black laguna.
After a little break, the trip continues along the outer wall of the Andeans downwards. Again you will pass through several different types of vegetation, such as Páramo, Elfwoods and the subtropical rainforest. Make sure to keep your camera handy, as there will be several opportunities to make some great and unique pictures. Again in the car, the Safari continues across the nature, until you reach the colonial village of Altamira, where our tour ends for the day. You will stay the night inbetween this fascinating landscape, in an old noble’s house of colonial style, right in the village centre. Here a nice dinner is awaiting you, before going to bed, to let this beautiful day end properly. (B/L/D)

2nd Day:     
After a delicious breakfast in the morning the Safari continues. First you go on a short trip through the tropical mountain rainforest, where you get the unique opportunity to take a natural morning bath below the waterfalls. Fresh and relaxed you head to a small Hato, a classic hacienda, for lunch. The approximately 15 hectare big farm serves two main functions. First, it is a pork farm, as it always has been. Secondly, it is used as a very interesting visiting place for tourists, because many endangered species of the animal world have found a safe place to live on the hacienda as well. You will encounter wild animals, such as Caymans, Waterpigs (Capybaras), Turtles and Geckos. In addition, there is an opportunity after lunch, to participate on a tour to the nearby waterholes and the Savannah. Here you can discover more than 300! DIFFERENT unique and exotic kinds of birds. The most interesting ones are probably the purple Ibises, roseate spoonbills, the Jaribu Storks, as well as Aras and Parrots. Here your camera will be very busy for sure.  With a little luck, you may also be able to get a quick glance on an Anaconda Snake or anteaters. Finally you are enjoying a beautiful dawn, at a laguna full of Caymans and ibises, which are heading to their sleeping places. (B/L/D)

3rd Day:     
This morning you will be heading out for a small hike, before breakfast. You will see Parrots and Aras. In the old acacias you will be able to take a close look at red howler monkeys. At about 8:00am, you are back at the camp, for a great breakfast of a special kind.  After breakfast, you are going to prepare your horses for a horseback ride through the Savannah and the Llaneros. During this ride, which takes several hours, you will once again get very close to Caymans and Water Pigs.

For the ride, you have several horses to choose from and horses are available for all levels of skill, from the beginner to the horse expert. As a skilled horseback rider, you get a more complicated horse, while those with little or no experience will get horses that are easy to ride. Even if you have never before done horseback riding, you can participate in the Safari, because before every ride, skilled and experienced trainer staff will introduce you into horses and horseback riding, proving you all knowledge that is necessary for a safe trip! Oftentimes, after this introduction, tourists who never sat on a horse before are safely and with a lot of fun going on their first gallop, while riding through the Savannah. Back at the Hacienda, you are checking out, leaving towards Mérida, for a delicious lunch, after which the tour ends. If interested, it is also possible for you, to leave in Barinas, to catch a flight or bus to your next location from there.  (B/L/-)

Price: on request (min. 2 Personen)

If you are travelling solo and are interested in taking this tour, please contact us for more information and a personalized offer.

This trip can also be booked from Barinas. If interested, please get in touch with our travel agency for more information and an individual offer.

In the price included:
All Transfers,Overnight Stays, Multilingual Guides, Provisions, Nonalcoholic beverages

What you should bring:

IMPORTANT: All Travellers MUST bring their ORIGINAL passport in order to participate in the tour!

Solid Shoes, Sandals, Long Pants, Shorts, Two T-Shirts or Shirts, Pullover, A pair of Socks , Cap, Rain Coat, Swimming / Bathing Clothes Towel,    Sun and Mosquito Protector (Only in the form of crea. Sprays are NOT allowed!), Also remember to bring sufficient memory cards and batteries for your camera.